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Home Insurance

Hazard Insurance

Hazard insurance protects you against unintentional damage
or destruction to your house or its contents, including fire,
storm, theft, vandalism and similar threat.


Liability insurance covers personal liability for accidents
on your property. If your neighbor trips on a hose in your
yard and breaks their ankle, for example, liability insurance
will cover their medical expenses, up to the policy limit.

Mortgage Requirement

One reason homeowners need insurance is that mortgage
companies require it.

Special Property

Homeowners insurance covers most of the property in your home,
but there are limits to what the insurer will pay for certain items, such as cash or jewelry. If you have a home office, hazard insurance doesn't cover business equipment either. If you have personal or business property that isn't covered, consider paying more money for a supplemental policy that will protect you if they are damaged.


Homeowners insurance doesn't protect you against everything:
Insurers routinely exclude things such as flood damage and earthquake damage from coverage, though separate flood and earthquake policies may be available where you live.


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